Permanent hair removal
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Permanent Hair Removal and Rejuvenation

When you choose Dépil Tech ® you choose expertise, experience and exceptional quality of service.
Our practitioners are skilled pulsed-light professionals. They are highly trained and continuously monitored to guarantee you results that meet your expectations.

Whether you choose permanent hair removal or photo-rejuvenation, we provide you with a personalized skin assessment as well as a flash-test free of charge prior to starting treatment. These preliminary checks allows us to correctly adapt the intensity of the treatment to your individual skin type, so as not to expose you to any risks.

Exclusive and innovative technology!

Dépil Tech ® holds exclusive rights for the use of the Galaxy multi-purpose cosmetic system, a product of French design and manufacture. It is the most effective Pulsed Light device available on the market and constitutes a substantial technology upgrade over laser.
The Galaxy system allows excellent filtering of the light beam so as to eliminate all UVA, UVB and UVC radiation, as well as infrared light!

Our method relies on intense pulsed light treatment as a foundation from which to promote your beauty. Combined with elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid injectables, you will find your radiance in just a few sessions!