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Number 1 for permanent hair removal

The expertise of our practitioners and the quality of our methods are known world-wide. In our treatment centers, effective results go hand in hand with careful, ongoing attention to the needs of your skin.
This is the reason we carry out a personalized skin evaluation before starting treatment, and we offer a package that allows for as many sessions as are necessary to achieve total disappearance of all hairs.
The IPL machines that we use are all made in France, are high value-added technology, and are specially designed for the purpose of our treatments. Since the technology used in our instruments is derived from laser technology, our treatments constitute a true alternative to laser hair removal. The filtering of the light beam is extremely precise and eliminates all UVA, UVB and UVC radiation, as well as infrared light.

Don't take risks with your skin, expect the high standard of quality provided by Dépil Tech.

More than 130 Dépil Tech treatment centers

The success of our offer can be seen in the growing number of Dépil Tech centers all over the world, as well as the number of customers who are choosing pulsed light over laser hair removal. You can access our permanent hair removal IPL technology in the majority of our treatment centers.

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We are well known for our high quality of service.

We receive dozens of clients in our treatment centers on a daily basis. Everyday, we treat white and tan skin, fine and course hair.
Only 2% of our customers require a 7th session to achieve permanent hair removal; the results obtained with intense pulsed light are virtually equivalent in all aspects to the result you would obtain with laser hair removal, and prove the high degree of quality and efficiency of our method.
Hundreds of customers have given our services a satisfaction rating of 4.5 / 5 on eKomi, an independent provider of transaction based reviews and ratings. The results may be visualized on this page.

We aim to provide you with the highest standard of service; we hope to see you soon !